Bloch, now designed by Jozette Hazzouri was originally created by Jacob Bloch and made world famous over 80 years ago. Founded in 1932, Bloch became renowned for building stable, high quality pointe shoes for ballet dancers.

Blochs foundation is built on making excellent quality dance shoes and apparel for dancers all over the world. Take a look at our reviews below to see if you’ll be dancing away with a new pair of Bloch shoes.

Innovations of Bloch Zumba Shoes

  • Built-in arch support and elevation for maximum comfort.
  • The lightweight mid-sole provides maximum cushioning combined with a four part, high density, outer-sole for enhanced flexibility.
  • Man-made sole.

Our Top Ryka Zumba Shoes Reviews

Bloch Women’s Boost Dance SneakerBloch Boost Dance Sneaker

Created by a company that makes shoes for dancers all around the world you can be sure to get just what you’re looking for with these Bloch shoes. These shoes offer excelling comfort equipped with a strong build so you remain confident and stable whilst you dance.

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Pros: Man Made Sole, Optimum Grip, Durable
Cons: Size Measurements, Limited Designs