Capezio Womens DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

For a dancer, shoes are the most important piece of equipment you have.

The average dancer, however, doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive pair of professional dance shoes.

To address the needs of the average dancer, Capezio, the dance apparel company, has created the DS24 Rockit Sneakers for the beginner and intermediate dancers.

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Product Description

The Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneakers are made of mostly synthetics, mesh, and suede to create a lightweight shoe for the average dancer. The shoes, although they don’t seem like it at first, are dance shoes (marketed as dance sneakers) for the average dancer.

They feature a boxed toe for toe stands and sever perforations all along the shoes for optimal dance shoe feel. In addition to this, the ample padding makes this a comfortable yet lightweight pair of shoes.


The shoes, first off, are very lightweight and flexible thanks to a system called “flex-points.” They are ventilated really well thanks to perforations at the toe, the sides, tongue, and arch of the shoe, leaving the dancers feet cool and fresh.

The shoes have a relatively thick padding on the tongue, collar, and the Achilles’ heel to keep the wearer comfortable. The Capezio dance sneakers also have a great lacing system which only needs a pull of a string to tighten the shoes.

The best part of the shoes is the completely removable insole, which almost no dance shoe makers include anymore. The insole removal system gives wearers the ability to remove the spectacular insole and replace with a softer or harder insole.


To start, the shoes have been infamous for manufacture defects. These include tears in shoes, wrong sizes, varying sizes within the same pair, and even wrong brand mishaps. Even if a customer receives a good pair, there is a high possibility it won’t even fit because the sizing system seems to be flawed, even though the website says the company follow street shoe sizing.

Most wearers will have to order the shoes between ½ to 1 full size bigger, and that’s if the wearer decides to wear thin socks.

In addition to the size issue, the shoe has no growth room on the sides for wearers whose feet swell during exercise. For wider footed wearers, the shoes are much too narrow to be comfortable enough for dancing. In addition to no growth room, the shoes have absolutely no arch support for wearers who need it.

The shoes are exclusively dance shoes and have no application outside of a dance studio thanks to the perforated arch. The wearer even has to make sure that the dance studio doesn’t have hardwood floors because of the hard plastic outsole on the shoes, which make the wearer slide all over while dancing.

The Verdict

These shoes are far from perfect. There are countless accounts to manufacture defects, sizing mishaps, and brand alterations that the customer should be aware of before purchasing. The negatives are just too many to consider this a good pair of all-round shoes of dance shoes.

If the wearer happens to get a good pair, the shoes have no value outside of a dance studio, nor on hardwood floors. The shoes aren’t comfortable for people with wide feet and give no support for the arch of the foot.

However, if you have flat feet or perform Zumba on carpeted areas these shoes come into their own and allow you to manoeuvre safely and accurately.

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