a class of happy youngsters dancing to zumba songsMany people are turning to Zumba for their fitness routine. But make no mistake: Zumba is anything BUT routine.

If you’re ready to start dancing your way to a better body, check out these zumba songs to add to your workout playlist!

Authentic Zumba Songs

The Zumba craze was created by Beto Perez, a Colombian dancer and choreographer.

So it’s no mistake that the music is upbeat, full of high energy, with lots of Latin flavor. Perez has even recorded and collaborated on many of his own original Zumba songs to include in his workout videos.

You can’t get much more authentic than that! Here’s just a few of his best:

“Vive Y Baila”

A collaboration with Max Pizzolante, this is one that will definitely rev up your energy. Heavy beats and high brass bring the heat!

“Crazy Love”

Mara takes the lead vocals on this song. Her passion for music and Zumba shine through and it has a comfortable beat that is great for warming up to high energy moves.

“DJ Dale Play”

Another Perez original featuring Mara on lead vocals, this is a great song if you’re looking for a slower beat or one to put at the beginning of your playlist. Working up to a faster beat will help you maximize your workout time.

In addition to Beto Perez tunes, several other Latino/Latina artists have made their mark on Zumba songs. If you love to incorporate these types of beats into your workout, check out artists like:


Ever since Shakira busted onto the U.S. pop music scene in 2002, she’s become a favorite for dance parties and workout playlists. But she was already a Latin music success story before she ever launched her first U.S. single.

“Whenever Wherever” and “Hips Don’t Lie” are certainly great additions to your exercise playlist, but don’t just stick with what you know. Take a look at this list of great Shakira songs to add to your Zumba routine:

“Chantaje ft. Maluma”

Another slower beat song, this duet with Maluma is a sexy collaboration bound to make you sweat.

“La Tortura ft. Alejandro Sanz”

If you need a little encouragement, use this one in your Zumba workout, just check out the video and you’ll see why it’s a hot playlist pick!

“Dare (La La La)”

This is an uptempo song with lots of techno sounds and Shakira’s signature sexy vocals. The lyrics for this one are in English also so you can sing along – if you can catch your breath!

But if you want to go a little more “old school” Latin flavor, you can’t go wrong with Gloria.

Gloria Estefan

Estefan, like Shakira, has enjoyed international success over the last 20+ years and has always been known for high energy music. If you’re looking for some classics to add to your Zumba songs playlist, check out these Estefan favorites:

“Rhythm is Gonna Get You”

Released in 1987, this is a timeless dance track and perfect for Zumba workouts. Estefan knows how to get her audience moving their feet with songs like this. Another favorite?

“Turn the Beat Around”

Originally released in 1975, this classic was recorded and released by Gloria Estefan in 1994 and reached #13 on the Billboard charts. Another timeless hit, “Beat” is still getting people on their feet 20 years after Estefan took it to the top of the charts.

“Get on Your Feet”

True to its title, this song will definitely provide some inspiration for your moves. With a slower beat than “Rhythm” and “Turn the Beat Around”, you can catch your breath with this track.

Other Great Zumba Songs

If you don’t want a strictly Latin soundtrack, there is no shortage of great music to dance to. Dance tracks, in general, are usually good choices. Here are a few that won’t disappoint.

“Focus” by Ariana Grande

Everybody knows Grande has a powerful voice. This track is no exception but it’s the sly way Jamie Fox is featured that gives this song a little something “extra”. Lots of different beats and buildups make this a great workout song.

Speaking of Ariana Grande, check this one out:

“Bang Bang ft. Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj”

When you have these three powerhouse females collaborating on a song, you’re bound to get a classic in the making.

Wildly popular from the moment it what released, “Bang Bang” offers great dance beats and fun lyrics bound to get you moving.

There are SO many fantastic Zumba songs recorded by female artists, but let’s not leave out the guys.

“Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars”

Bruno Mars has enjoyed crazy success with this tune that’s bound to go down as one of his best hits ever.

A steady beat throughout, “Funk” has all the ingredients of a fantastic Zumba playlist song.

“Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammer

Not a typical pop song by any means, Andy Grammer brought a new sound to the radio with this hit. You might be thinking it isn’t Zumba worthy, but give it a chance. It’s nothing short of fun to work out to!

“Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo

With a little old school sound, this song is definitely reminiscent of some of the 80’s and 90’s dance classics. Sexy lyrics and a fun beat are a combination you can’t go wrong with.

“Worth It” by Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink

A great mashup with these two hot artists, “Worth It” is a sexy track bound to get your heart rate up. A good mix of fast and slow beats, it’s perfect for Zumba.

Now Turn Up That Zumba Playlist!

Zumba is a high-energy workout, and the list of great Zumba songs is absolutely endless.

It’s all about personal preference and what energizes YOU!

The most important thing is to have fun while doing something good for yourself.

Now lace up those shoes and get moving! If you need help finding the right Zumba fitness wear, contact us today and let us know what you require!