Ryka Womens Dash ShoeOne of the problems for a lot of women is finding just the right shoe for both exercise and everyday life.

The RYKA Dash addresses this by thinking about the customers, creating an amazing, versatile pair of shoes.

Just by wearing the shoes once, you can feel just how comfortable and stylish the shoes are.

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Product Description

The RYKA Women’s Dash Shoe brings comfort and design together to form a state-of-the-art pair of shoes for everyday and heavy use. The shoe itself is made from synthetic fibers with rubber soles to create a lightweight and sleek product.

The toe end of the shoe offers a breathable, synthetic mesh with a leather finish to keep the toe durable. The outsole is made from fully synthetic rubber to create a durable, versatile product for both fitness buffs and moms who are always on their feet.


The RYKA Dash can be described as the perfect balance to style and functionality. The synthetic materials make it very comfortable and durable while keeping the cost down. The rubber soles give superb grip to stop slipping, which is always a plus point.

The padded tongue and the Ortholite insole keeps the wearer’s feet from becoming fatigued when performing Zumba or walking on your feet all day. On top of all this, the RYKA Dash comes in a variety of colors to appeal to a range of women. Lastly, the overall build quality of the Dash leaves it strong, flexible, and lightweight for everyday use.


Like any pair of shoes, there’s good news and bad news. In the case of the Women’s RYKA Dash Shoe, there are some recurring problems that aren’t the manufacturer’s mistakes. The first is that the tongue is a bit too large. Although it is padded and cushy, the tongue is almost over-stuffed and longer than average.

For wide footed people, there may be a problem as the shoes seem to take a bit longer to break in and are narrow at the heel. In addition to this, wider footed people must buy a larger, and sometimes more expensive, size for the shoes to fit perfectly. The shoes themselves seem to have a flawed measurement system (i.e. people that wear size 9 had to order 9 ½ to 10 to fit properly).

The Verdict

The RYKA Dash Shoe isn’t a perfect pair of shoes, but it’s pretty darn close. Finding a pair of shoes both functional and absolutely beautiful isn’t something easy. RYKA created shoes with a sleek design in 10 colors which is both lightweight and durable. The shoes are more than comfortable enough and can be used as more than just Zumba shoes.

However, the shoes tongue is a bit too padded. In addition, the heel can be a bit narrow. For wider footed customers, the shoe just isn’t wide enough. Plus the long break-in time and measurement errors can be a major turn off.

The RYKA Women’s Dash Shoe is a near perfect pair of shoes and they are definitely worth the price. At just $28.99 these shoes are perfect for both the fitness buff and the woman who’s always on her feet.

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