Ryka Women’s Downbeat Fitness SneakerThe RYKA shoe company has made many great products over the years. The Ryka Downbeat Fitness is no exception and shouldn’t be ignored.

For the women who enjoy Zumba and use it as a tool for exercise, the Ryka Women’s Downbeat Fitness Sneaker may just be a calling.

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Product Description

The Ryka Women’s Downbeat Fitness Sneaker is a pair of dance shoes for women. The shoes feature a durable synthetic outer portion with a rubber soles. The Downbeats are breathable and contain antibacterial removable insoles for when a workout gets very intense.

The shoes are marketed as fitness shoes but seem to really be a hit with the Zumba crowd. Overall the shoes have a beautiful aesthetic that could captivate anyone.


The Downbeats are like a godsend in terms of features. The outside of the shoes are made of a synthetic plastic that lets air into the shoe but also keeps the shoe very durable.

The high top design also provides protection for the ankles of the wearer while perfectly merging with the rest of the shoe. Plus, there is a Velcro strap to keep the shoes tight when laces aren’t enough. The entire shoe seems to have been created just to protect the wearer while being stylish.

Although the color choices are limited, I feel that 5 colors schemes are more than enough for any taste.

On the inside, there is an Ortholite insole to keep the wearer completely comfortable while being protected from bacteria. The insole also provides enough support for people with heel, Achilles’, and arch problems. A big plus point for most is the fact that the shoes can also fit wide footed women.

The overall build of the shoes provides flexibility and protection while being stylish.


Although the Downbeats are amazing, there are a few problems. First off, the sizing system is flawed. The shoes ordered need to be ½ to 1 size larger than what a person wears. This may just a continual manufacturing defect, but it cannot be ignored.

Once a customer receives her new shoes, she should know that the shoes take a while to break in. This is a negative for some people within the Zumba crowd. The shoe itself is just a Zumba or dance shoe. Because of the way the shoe’s form, it is safest to use the shoes only in Zumba; otherwise the shoe’s lifespan will be shortened.

Lastly, the shoes may have a little too much traction for your liking.

The Verdict

Although the RYKA Downbeats aren’t perfect for everyday use, they are a godsend for Zumba. The shoes are lightweight, comfortable and beautiful to look at.

The shoes give very good support for almost all parts of the foot, with the ball of the foot not getting enough. In addition to this, the flexibility and durability of the shoes both protect its wearer along with giving complete comfort.

For the price, the Downbeats are perfect for the Zumba enthusiast. We recommend the Downbeats for them but would advise non-Zumba enthusiasts to buy another. The functionality is reserved for Zumba and should be used accordingly.

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