Ryka Women’s Exertion ShoeWhen talking about women’s sports and cross training shoes, the first brand that comes to the mind is Ryka.

Ryka is one of the leading women’s sports brand in the world and their products have unmatched quality. For instance, their shoes are made especially for women after thorough research so that women can enjoy the comfort and pleasure.

One such product is Ryka Women’s Exertion Shoe.

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Product Description

Ryka Women’s Exertion Shoes are one of the fully featured shoes that Ryka has ever produced. These have quite a few highlights that make them just irresistible.

The numerous color options you have to choose from is quite remarkable. Each and every combination of design speaks about today’s modern and confident women.

The exterior look comprises of materials such as synthetic leather and mesh that also adds to the modern look. They are very light and have a weight of just 6.7 ounces making it one of the lightest exercise shoes.

Padding all around the collar and tongue provide comfort and stability. It has a rubber outer sole with a traction pivot point that helps to do leaping and sliding maneuvers better. Arch support is provided.


Ryka Women’s Exertion Shoes should be able to hold up to expectations as it is so well featured.

You get the advantage of having a buffet of color combinations to choose from. The intense light weight build provides better comfort and easier movement.

The pivot on the outer, rubber sole providing better grip and more stability while performing skids and leaps.
The comfort is enhanced by the cushion padding inside the shoe including the collar and the tongue and also due to the arch support.

These have very short break in period which is good for the users. They are also very suitable for Zumba and other high impact exercises. Also good for running and jogging.


On the flip side, Ryka Women’s Exertion Shoes sadly do have some disadvantages as no product is perfect.

They are a bit too pricey compared to the existing brands in the market serving almost the same or similar values.

Might have some fitting issues for some women with wide feet. True to size fitting might not be possible for everyone. It might have some problems related to proper toe spacing.

It might require more cushioning and arch support for some customers.

The Verdict

Ryka Women’s Exertion Shoes might not be the best in the market (no product can be said to be the best) but they cannot be said to be at the bottom of the list. They have both pros and cons and some are actually based upon the different uses and point of views of customers.

If you’re looking for a great pair of Zumba shoes or similar exercise shoes then these Ryka Exertion shoes are a great choice. If you’re unsure about the sizing take a look at our other reviews to find something that may fit better.

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