Zumba® Fitness, a dance based fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez, has taken the world by storm with over 15 million people taking part in over 180 different countries. Losing a few pounds has never been so easy, we’re literally dancing and shaking the weight off! After revolutionizing weight loss for men and women around the globe, Zumba® fitness released a range of clothing from shirts to shoes to aid in comforting you on your workout.

Zumba® Fitness shoes are created with Zumba® workouts in mind. They were created understanding you would need to be able to twist and turn easily whilst having enough traction to prevent slipping. They were made to be lightweight and look great so you can maneuver with elegance and style.

Innovations From Zumba® Fitness

  • Lightweight build created with synthetic materials enabling easier movement and more control.
  • Outer sole pivot points let you slide and grip with ease.
  • Shock absorption heels protect your feet whilst doing intense workouts.

Our Top Zumba Fitness Reviews

Zumba Women's Z1 Dance Shoe

Zumba® Z1 Dance Shoe

Unlike many other dance shoes these provide fantastic arch support for your feet. If you have wide feet you’re in luck too, this is a shoe that finally caters to your needs. Created by Zumba® Fitness themselves, you can be sure all your twist, turning and jumping needs are all met with multiple spin spots, traction design and weight.

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Pros: Lightweight, Spin Spots, Optimal Grip
Cons: Costly, Less Padding, Limited Designs