Zumba Women's Z1 Dance ShoeZumba has probably become the world’s fastest growing dance form in the present time. This dance fever is ever expanding and the number of people trying it out now is mind-blowing.

Zumba consists of dance routines and great music, providing a fun and social way to get healthy and stay in shape.

For such thorough workouts the feet have to be protected from the immense stress. When talking about the best Zumba dancing shoes, the Zumba® Women’s Z1 Dance shoes are first to cross the mind.

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Product Description

This particular shoe is made by Zumba themselves. They kept in mind what the you actually need whilst they created this Zumba dance shoe.

The Zumba® Women’s Z1 Dance shoes feature a very lightweight design. It only weighs about 1.5 pounds, which is quite a lot less compared to other brands and models.

Its exterior is made up of a synthetic structure helping to make the shoe lightweight, and the outer surface has a net like pattern. The design has a modern look to it with the black and white color combination featuring the Zumba® logo. Its rubber outsole has 2 pivot points that provide superior grip and sliding support.


A lot of advantages is to be expected from the Zumba® Women’s Z1 Dance shoes, from its unique design to its features.

It is directly made by Zumba themselves, so it is definitely a great option to choose as it made specifically for Zumba® dance. They provide exceptional arch support and they fit your feet exceptionally well.

As they are light, they are very comfortable to wear and dance. The 2 pivot points on the outsole helps to ease up the slides as they provide a lot better grip and hence causing less pressure on the knees and ankles.

Those who have problems fitting in shoes due wide feet, these are for you. The Zumba® Women’s Z1 Dance shoes just fit fantastically, even with wide feet.

They look very good due to their modern design and they can not only be used for Zumba, but also for other routines such as jogging.


There are always two sides to a product, these are no exception. They are a bit overpriced compared to other brands that offer a very similar shoe design, with more colour options available.

Although they are light and have arch supports, it requires supports on other places inside the shoe.

The insoles are very thin and there is not enough padding to protect the legs from sores after long hours of Zumba dance routines.

The Verdict

Zumba® Women’s Z1 Dance shoes might have more pros than cons, but when it comes to Zumba dancing, it is comfort that is needed the most. The Zumba brand products are quite heavy on the pocket and buying this pair of shoes could require additional padding, which will increase your cost further.

If you do an hour of Zumba® a day and want a trendy look from Zumba® themselves, these are great. If however, you’re a Zumba® instructor and do Zumba® for extended hours, these may not be as comfortable as you’d like and you may be better off looking at some of the other top zumba sneakers we’ve reviewed.

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